Steps To Coping With Accidental Injuries

The First Step: Emergency Medical Treatment For The Afflicted

The top priority after a serious car accident, explosion or fall injury is to get quality emergency medical care for the injured person as soon as possible. This is critical not only for humanitarian reasons but legally, too. Insurance claims adjusters, judges or juries may later say you did not do all you could to recover well from your injuries if you put off getting a prompt medical evaluation.

The Next Step: Communication And Follow-up Treatment

Whether you or your family member was injured, you will face communications issues right away. Police, medical personnel, friends and family members will all have something to ask or something to say. How can you be sure your words won’t hurt your injury claim? It is risky to make statements to investigators or post detailed accounts of injuries on social media sites such as Facebook and Caring Bridge. This is why it is so important to get an attorney on your side right away. Many people put off contacting a lawyer and later regret it when they learn they unknowingly hurt their cases by saying the wrong things to the wrong people.


Follow-up medical care is also critical. It is important to follow doctor’s orders as much as possible to show that you are doing your part toward recovery. You may require surgery, physical therapy and a lengthy rehabilitation.

If Your Injury Is Catastrophic

Whether your injury results in temporary or permanent disability, you may require accommodations such as a motorized wheelchair, a wheelchair ramp for your home, a modified van for transportation, lower kitchen counters in your home, a remodeled bathroom and special computer software. You may need personal care attendants’ services for months, years or a lifetime.


You can be easily overwhelmed by all the paperwork and details involved in record keeping and communications with doctors and therapists. Nguyen Theam Lawyers, LLP in Long Beach can take these burdens off your shoulders if we represent you after an accidental injury. Talk to one of our attorneys to learn how we can help you at all stages of your personal injury case — from the emergency room to successful completion of a claim or lawsuit.

Developing Your Injury Claim Or Lawsuit

A detailed investigation should follow, in preparation for presentation of your claim to claims adjusters, a jury or a judge. In addition to proving negligence, the claim or lawsuit should document the injuries and persuade decision-makers to compensate the injured appropriately for the seriousness of the injuries.

Taking Into Account Unique Aspects Of Particular Injury Cases

An experienced personal injury attorney can persuasively present special aspects of a case to claims adjusters, judges and juries. Consider the following unique factors in certain accidental injury cases that require careful consideration.


Pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents often result in traumatic brain injuries and other serious injuries, considering that a human body is no match for a car or truck. Was your pedestrian accident a hit-and-run or were you struck by an uninsured motorist? We can help you overcome such challenges as we go after all available sources of compensation. For example, you may be able to recover compensation through your own uninsured/underinsured motorist (UI/UIM) coverage on your auto accident policy.


Motorcycle accidents also result in serious injuries in many cases — with the added risk of the weight of the motorcycle falling on the injured person, possibly resulting in a crush injury and amputation. Motorcyclists often lack sufficient insurance to cover serious injury claims. You will need all the legal help you can get after you or a loved one has suffered a serious or catastrophic injury in a bike crash.


Amputation injuries may result in phantom pains because nerve endings simulate pain in a limb that is no longer there. Pain management can be a challenge. A well-executed personal injury claim will also take into account the injured person’s future needs for replacement prostheses. Rehabilitation and psychological aspects of the injury deserve careful evaluation.


After a scarring dog bite injury or burn injury, an injured person may need plastic surgery more than once. It is important to build these anticipated needs into an injury claim’s dollar value.

Discuss Your Injuries With A California Personal Injury Attorney

At Nguyen Theam Lawyers, LLP, we have a strong track record of successful case outcomes. Our successes are direct results of our hard work and experience. We offer free initial consultations and represent the injured on a contingency basis. This means you will not owe attorneys’ fees until we recover compensation for you.


Learn how we can help you in ways you might not have expected a law firm to help you after suffering an accidental injury. For example, we can help you get access to care from doctors who will collaborate in careful documentation of your injuries and their impact on your life. Call 562-283-5415 or send an email message to learn about our personal injury law practice and how we can get your case underway without delay.