Our Team

Photo of Minh T. Nguyen

Minh T. Nguyen

Trial Lawyer
Photo of M. Lawrence Lallande

M. Lawrence Lallande

Litigation Managing Attorney
Photo of Lakshmi Odedra

Lakshmi Odedra

Senior Associate
Photo of Diamo Dokhanian

Diamo Dokhanian

Photo of Robin M. Daniels

Robin M. Daniels

Photo of Shelly Delgado

Shelly Delgado

Legal Assistant
Photo of Gricely Duarte

Gricely Duarte

Photo of Isabella Garcia

Isabella Garcia

Legal Assistant
Photo of Leonella Gudiel Jimenez

Leonella Gudiel-Jimenez

Supervising Paralegal
Silvia Medina

Silvia Medina

Photo of My Hanh T. Nguyen

My Hanh T. Nguyen

Registered Nurse
Photo of Joseph Pecot

Joseph Pecot

Senior Case Manager
Photo of Ana Salas Lopez

Ana Salas-Lopez

Legal Executive Assistant
Photo of Cole Sturges-Andersen

Cole Sturges-Andersen

Legal Assistant