Single-car crash claims life of teen, injures another

When young people are first starting to drive, they may not have the experience to avoid becoming involved in a car accident if they face hazards on the road. Furthermore, some teenagers drive too fast or drive recklessly, and this can lead to serious accidents that have tragic outcomes. Although the cause of the crash is unclear, a recent accident involving one vehicle killed one teenager and seriously injured another. 

Accident details and causalities 

The crash occurred in Yreka on Sept. 16. Sometime around 9:30 p.m., concerned citizens in the area of Ager Road and Shelly Road reportedly heard a loud noise outside that sounded like a car crash. They then called 911 to alert authorities and emergency personnel of the incident. 

Members of the CAL FIRE Siskiyou Unit and officers with the California Highway Patrol and the Siskiyou Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene. There, they found two teenagers who had been ejected from a wrecked vehicle. One victim was already deceased at the scene, and the other had to be airlifted to a medical center in Davis. Authorities do not believe impairment played a role in causing the crash, but the report mentioned that neither teen was wearing a seatbelt. The cause of the crash is still under investigation, and authorities did not release the identity of the victims because of their age. 

Seeking compensation 

The report also did not mention which of the teens was believed to have been driving at the time of the accident. The final report about the crash will hopefully determine who was driving and what led to the fatal accident. If the deceased teen caused the accident through negligence, recklessness or other wrongful actions, his or her estate can be named in any personal injury claims brought by the injured party. Likewise, if the injured teen was responsible for causing the crash, the surviving family of the deceased teen may pursue wrongful claims against them. In either event, affected parties will want to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney in California to understand their rights and options for obtaining much-needed compensation.