Handling crashes with uninsured commercial truck drivers

Vehicle crashes can be sudden and scary. That’s because a driver’s whole world can change in the blink of an eye, as these unfortunate events can occur relatively quickly. However, if a motorist gets in a collision with an uninsured commercial truck driver, this can create more difficulties for them.

Here in California, driving without insurance is against the law, especially for commercial truck drivers. Whether the truck is owned by a logistics company or someone who runs their own trucking business, they are typically required to have at least $750,000 of insurance per truck to cover for potential damages.

Dealing with the aftermath

These are some of the steps both parties should take after a commercial truck collision:

  • Call the police: Having authorities document information and get everything on file can help give insurers a more accurate depiction of the scene.
  • Get accounts from witnesses: Depending on where the crash occurred and how many people were involved, there may be witnesses nearby. It’s often crucial that their testimony gets considered. That’s because if the commercial truck driver is at fault, victims have others who can help back up their claim.
  • Reach out to the insurance company: The realities and circumstances of the crash often determine what the insurance company can do. If the party has uninsured motorist protection, they may have options available. If they don’t, the insurance company can assist them on what to do next.

Long-term damages can be severe

Truck crashes can vary in severity, no matter if the commercial truck driver has insurance or not. Either way, when they don’t carry insurance, it can impose adversity on the party whose vehicle was damaged or destroyed. Those who are victims of the incident may want to seek legal assistance. An experienced and diligent personal injury attorney can help evaluate their client’s circumstances, take their case to court and get them the compensation they deserve.