Bring A Wrongful Death Claim After A Loved One’s Fatal Accident

A sudden death in the family can be traumatic and is nearly always disruptive on many levels. Normal sorrow over the loss of a loved one can be compounded by the sense of injustice when someone else’s negligence caused an accident that killed the person. At the same time, a family may have practical problems as well as financial hardship associated with:

  • Final medical bills when the injury did not result in an instant fatality
  • Funeral and burial costs, which can be substantial
  • Loss of the deceased person’s financial contributions to a family

The deceased person may have filled special roles in the family — such as child rearing or care of elderly parents — that cannot be filled by anyone else. In addition to sadness and loss, there will be financial repercussions of the death of the loved one.


For all these reasons, you should consider filing a wrongful death claim after a fatal accident has taken the life of your spouse or other close family member. An attorney handling wrongful death lawsuits can evaluate your case and determine whether you qualify. Legal action may be far from your mind during this time of grieving. However, it can make a great difference to get a lawyer involved from the very beginning.

Let Us Lighten The Load For Your Family

At Nguyen Theam Lawyers, LLP in Long Beach, California, we are ready to lift some of your burdens at the same time that we begin our investigation behind the scenes. For example, we can take action to open the estate for you. We are sensitive to the needs of your family immediately after a fatal car accident or any fatality. We are interested in helping you prepare to recover compensation for the loss of your loved one from all applicable sources.


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