The effects of alcohol on a driver

When behind the wheel, the primary responsibility of a driver is to drive safely and follow the rules of the road. Drivers should put down their phones, maintain a safe speed and avoid behaviors that could increase their chance of a serious accident. This includes drinking and driving, which is a behavior that contributes to an elevated chance of an accident. It is dangerous, and you should avoid it. Despite… Read More

Safe driving practices for the spring season

There are a multitude of noticeable changes that happen every year here in California as the winter season slowly transitions into spring. A favorite time of year for many, one thing you will most likely see is an increase in activity both on and around many of the state’s roadways. Increased motor vehicle traffic and higher levels of pedestrian activity can create an environment for which drivers should try to… Read More

1 dead in California car crash

A motor vehicle crash in Contra Costa County resulted in one death. The crash took place during the late night hours on a Saturday. Two cars were involved in the collision, which occurred along Highway 4. Events leading up to the car accident The recent California car accident happened at around 11:55 p.m. According to police, an off-road sport utility vehicle crashed into a car. Neither vehicle had a passenger…. Read More

California car crash causes pedestrian’s death

A man passed away in a Sacramento County motor vehicle crash after a car struck him. The California crash happened on a recent Monday evening. No other individuals were injured in the pedestrian accident. How the fatal car crash occurred The California accident took place at about 6 p.m. along Folsom Boulevard. According to authorities, an automobile struck a male pedestrian. The man was then transported to a medical center… Read More

Common spinal cord injury symptoms after an accident   

There are a multitude of different injuries that those here in California who are victims of motor vehicle and slip-and-fall accidents can suffer. Sadly, many of these preventable incidents result in severe or life-altering complications from which it may take months and even years to recover. One of the most catastrophic of all injury types includes damage to any part of the spinal cord. Since the brain transmits its communication… Read More

Safety tips for California motorcyclists     

As the weather transitions out of winter into warmer and longer days, it’s typical to see an increase in motor vehicle traffic on most California roadways. This includes many motorcyclists who are eager to get out and about for both recreational activities and as a means of transportation. Unfortunately, more motorists and pedestrians on or near the roadways during this time of year also mean a higher risk of becoming… Read More

1 dead in California car collision

An individual was killed in a car crash in California after a sport utility vehicle collided with the car he or she was driving. Authorities arrived on the scene of the Sunday morning accident to discover that the driver of the car was dead. The accident took place along Highway 242. How the motor vehicle accident happened The recent California accident occurred at about 7:36 a.m. According to police, a car and… Read More

2 women killed in California single-car collision

A car crash in California has claimed the lives of two women when their car careened down an embankment. There were no other vehicles involved in the car accident. The accident occurred along State Route 99. Events leading up to the car accident  The recent California accident took place on a Friday morning. According to authorities, a 20-year-old woman was driving north on the state highway. She was reportedly speeding as she… Read More

California hit-and-run accident: 1 dead, 1 arrested

A woman lost her life in a recent California pedestrian accident. Another woman is believed to have caused the accident and reportedly fled the scene. She was arrested later and now faces charges in connection with the crash.  Crash details The motor vehicle accident took place at about 1:30 a.m. on a recent Monday. According to authorities, a 23-year-old woman was walking along a roadway in Pomona when a car suddenly struck… Read More

The aftermath of a brain injury from a car accident

An accident has the potential to change your life in multiple ways. In the seconds that it takes a collision to happen, victims could end up with serious injuries, damage to their personal property, emotional duress and more. This is especially true for those left with serious physical injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, that could impact their health and well-being for months or years to come. It is difficult… Read More