The aftermath of a brain injury from a car accident

An accident has the potential to change your life in multiple ways. In the seconds that it takes a collision to happen, victims could end up with serious injuries, damage to their personal property, emotional duress and more. This is especially true for those left with serious physical injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, that could impact their health and well-being for months or years to come.

It is difficult to accurately predict exactly how a traumatic brain injury will impact a person. The true effects of this type of injury are not always immediately apparent, and symptoms can change or become more prominent in the days and weeks following a crash. It is important that you not underestimate the potential impact this injury can have on your life and to understand what you can expect regarding your recovery needs.

Do you have a TBI?

In some cases, it is not immediately apparent that a person experienced a TBI in an accident. Shock and adrenaline can mask symptoms initially, and it can be difficult to differentiate between normal pain and stress from signs of an underlying TBI. While symptoms differ from person to person and are based on the severity of the individual injury, TBIs often result in the following:

  • Memory problems and difficulty concentrating
  • Headaches that continue over time
  • Blurry vision or problems with speech
  • Cognitive or behavioral changes
  • Mood swings or depression
  • Seizures or other neurological problems

It is critical that someone who has experienced a blow to the head receive medical attention after an accident. Even if there is no indication of a serious injury, an assessment from a medical professional could reveal the possibility of an issue that will require ongoing care. This is also important as it is beneficial to carefully document the progression of your medical issues after a personal injury incident.

Your recovery needs

You do not have to walk through the aftermath of a TBI on your own. You will benefit from seeking professional insight regarding the legal options that may be available to you, which could include seeking compensation through the California civil justice system. An assessment of your accident, your injuries and other details will provide you with the knowledge you need to move forward and seek a full and fair recovery.