6 injured after vehicle plows into group at party

Many people enjoy going to parties, especially around the holidays. As partygoers revel at their respective gatherings, those in attendance probably don’t expect to be struck by a car. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened in Long Beach during Halloween.  

What happened? 

During the Halloween weekend, a group of people were gathered at a house party in Long Beach. Suddenly, a man, 27 years old, drove his car onto a sidewalk, where he struck six people. The suspect then fled the scene, but authorities apprehended him hours later. 

Apparently, the man had been involved in a domestic dispute that morning with a woman, who reports did not specify. The woman as well as a juvenile were among those struck and injured in the collision. All victims received treatment for injuries at a local medical center, and reports state that all were listed in stable condition. 

Legal recourse 

The suspect who ran into the group of people was arrested and charged with six counts of assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder and felony domestic violence. If he is convicted, the injured parties may use that as evidence against the man as they pursue personal injury claims against him and anyone else with ownership interest in his car. The injured victims will want to consult first with an experienced personal injury attorney to fully understand their rights under the law and bring suit against the at-fault driver.