Woman killed in truck accident in Santa Rosa

Motorists in California and elsewhere must share the road with large commercial vehicles. These massive trucks are much heavier than other vehicles, and when they collide with a smaller passenger car, the results can be disastrous. Sadly, one woman lost her life in a crash caused by a box truck. Accident details The crash occurred around 8 a.m. on Aug. 10 on Highway 12 in Santa Rosa. A woman, whose… Read More

Crash involving semi claims 2 lives in Merced County

Semi-trucks are an important part of the economy in California and across the country, but they can easily cause serious and fatal injuries to others in accidents. Truck accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, including driver negligence or mechanical problems with the truck. No one knows exactly what caused a crash involving a semi-truck in Merced County recently, but the accident claimed the lives of two people and… Read More

Distracted driving to blame for truck accident

Motorists in California and elsewhere must share the road with commercial vehicles. While commercial trucks are necessary for transporting goods and other items efficiently, their large size and heavy weight means they can do a lot of damage to passenger vehicles in a wreck. This was made evident in a recent crash between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle in another state. Accident details According to reports, a woman,… Read More

Innovative technology may limit car vs. truck accidents

California drivers in Long Beach and elsewhere may already know something about the new cutting-edge technology that could reduce the risks of car vs. truck accidents. Too many lives are lost or forever changed when passenger vehicles share the highways with big rigs. A significant percentage of such crashes occur when drivers of cars try to pass tractor-trailers and semi-trucks. The tech conglomerate, Samsung, completed tests of a system to… Read More

Consequences of car vs. truck accidents often devastating

Even with fewer vehicles on the California highways, motorists continue to be vulnerable when they share the roads with commercial motor vehicles. Whether it is a tow truck, garbage truck or a big rig, the sheer size of a large truck makes it dangerous. Even a single act of negligence by a truck operator can result in a crash with horrific consequences. Road safety authorities say most truck accident fatalities… Read More

How can passenger vehicle drivers avoid truck accidents?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says drivers of passenger vehicles can do a lot to avoid accidents that involve commercial trucks and buses. The sheer size and weight difference between cars and big rigs is so significant that occupants of cars typically suffer severe or catastrophic injuries — or worse — in truck accidents. Drivers in Long Beach can take several steps to limit the chances of being involved… Read More

Drowsy and tired drivers put your life at risk

It’s a fact that truck drivers are more prone to traffic collisions because they spend long hours on the roads, have tight deadlines and face pressure to get to their final destinations faster. Today, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) does have an hours of service schedule that all commercial drivers need to obey. This was created in part to help reduce the total number of hours drivers would… Read More

Why you need to give semitrucks plenty of room

It’s impossible not to be a little nervous when you’re driving next to a big rig (or several of them) on the highway. You’re always conscious of the fact that your own vehicle is vastly smaller than any semitruck around. The best thing you can do is give a semitruck as much room as possible and stay alert for the first signs of any problems. Here are some reasons why… Read More

Study highlights common truck crash causes

Drivers of passenger vehicles can be easily intimidated by the huge commercial trucks that roam California highways. Even a veteran driver with decades of experience can feel somewhat unnerved when an 18-wheeler passes by or comes right up behind the smaller vehicle. Due to their size and speed, trucks can cause devastating accidents with catastrophic injuries. Are there common reasons for these destructive accidents? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration… Read More

Trucking companies may press drivers to work dangerous hours

Truck drivers who move heavy loads and dangerous chemicals across the U.S. are supposed to follow U.S. government rules about their workday. Some of these truck drivers and many of their bosses in trucking and other industries want the government to loosen these rules to allow “flexibility.” But some truckers and safety experts have serious concerns. Companies often force drivers to work without a break, no matter how tired they… Read More