How to navigate slip-and-fall accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents lead to over a million visits to the emergency room each year. In some situations, these accidents happen due to a property owner’s negligence. Here is a rundown on what to do after suffering injuries in a slip-and-fall incident in California.  Steps to take after an injury-causing slip-and-fall accident  Seeking medical help is an essential first step after suffering an injury in a slip-and-fall incident. This is critical… Read More

Can landlords be held accountable for tenants’ dog bites?

Many people love dogs and regard them as members of the family. In that group, a lot of dog owners live in apartment complexes or rental housing. Should a tenant’s dog attack a person on that property, can the landlord be held legally liable for damages and/or be included as a party in any resulting civil litigation? Dog bites and lawsuits It’s no secret that dogs attack people for a… Read More

What must be shown to recover damages after a slip-and-fall?

Property owners in California must take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of others on their properties. Wet floors or randomly placed objects or debris could cause someone to slip or trip, causing a fall in the blink of an eye. If such an incident causes injuries, the property owner might face a premises liability lawsuit.  The victim of such an accident might consider filing such a lawsuit. However, it is… Read More

Amusement parks and roller coasters are fun but dangerous

Thousands of people in Long Beach and across California are likely excited to get out and have fun after months of lockdowns and social distancing. Amusement parks and roller coasters are associated with fun summer activities. However, nobody’s safety is guaranteed, and thousands of visitors suffer serious and even fatal injuries each year. Injury types most frequently reported The following serious injuries can be associated with amusement parks, water parks… Read More

Swimming pool dangers could lead to premises liability lawsuits

Backyard swimming pools in California are typically places where happy memories are made each summer. However, it can be a dangerous area if safety standards are not maintained. A slip or trip accident could happen in the blink of an eye, and if it happened due to negligence of the property owner, premises liability lawsuits might follow. Typical pool area accidents The area surrounding a swimming pool is susceptible to… Read More

Business parking lots could be hazardous

Visitors to businesses and shopping malls in Long Beach, California, expect property owners to keep parking lots free of injury hazards. If neglected, parking lots could have uneven surfaces, slippery conditions, potholes and inadequate lighting. These are all dangers that could leave unsuspecting people with serious injuries. Many California property owners have faced premises liability lawsuits filed by injured customers. Walking surfaces Parking lots and walking surfaces should be free… Read More

Premises liability: Parking lots could be dangerous places to be

With peak shopping season approaching in California and the rest of the country, parking lots will be packed, and predators will be lurking to target vulnerable shoppers. Returning to their cars with arms full of purchases, shoppers might fail to remain aware of their surroundings. These are the targets of criminal elements that typically hang around in crowded places. Being aware of potential hiding spots is an excellent place to… Read More

Premises liability: Property owners must consider public’s safety

Property owners in California and across the country have a duty to protect the public’s safety both inside and outside their buildings. Those who are negligent risk facing premises liability lawsuits. Routine inspections for safety risks and promptly addressing dangers can help to avoid claims for damages by injured invitees. Some of the most common injuries involve unsafe walking surfaces. Slips, trips and falls can cause life-changing injuries. Although wetness… Read More

Premises liability: Slip-and-fall accidents can cause TBI

While many slip-and-fall accidents may cause no more harm than embarrassment, others could cause life-changing brain injuries. Consumers in Long Beach who slip or trip and fall while shopping or visiting another public facility may find comfort in knowing that the California civil justice system allows them to pursue claims for financial relief. This can be done by filing a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner and/or the entity… Read More

Keep everyone safe around your holiday decorations

This time of year, people all around the world celebrate by creating festive holiday displays. It’s a grand tradition, but it comes with some risks. The last thing you want for the holidays is an expensive trip to the hospital, especially for a visitor or loved one. Plan well, take steps to protect your safety, and avoid unnecessary risks by following these tips: Holiday lights can have electrical hazards The… Read More