Why you need to give semitrucks plenty of room

It’s impossible not to be a little nervous when you’re driving next to a big rig (or several of them) on the highway. You’re always conscious of the fact that your own vehicle is vastly smaller than any semitruck around.

The best thing you can do is give a semitruck as much room as possible and stay alert for the first signs of any problems. Here are some reasons why semis get in so many accidents:

  1. Their tires can fall apart. You’ve probably seen big chunks of rubber laying on the road during your travels. Those tire treads can suddenly peel off and land right in your path. Blowouts are another issue. Semis are heavy, their loads make them heavier and their tires can’t always keep up.
  2. The wind can knock them over. Because cargo trucks have high profiles, they catch the wind and can get blown around very easily. In high winds, trucks have been known to topple over almost without warning.
  3. Their drivers make mistakes. Sometimes, even a dedicated trucker can get lost in a train of thought while they’re behind the wheel, but a simple lapse of attention can cause a serious wreck. It’s worse if a trucker is tired, intoxicated or drugged.
  4. The blind spots are all over. The left lane near the driver’s door, the right two lanes next to the truck, about 20 feet in front of its cab and 30 feet behind its tailgate are all considered “no zones” that cars need to avoid because they’re in the trucker’s blind spots. That’s a lot of road!

If you were injured in an accident with a truck, or your loved one was killed, you have a right to expect fair compensation for your losses. Find out what legal options you have to make a recovery.