Innovative technology may limit car vs. truck accidents

California drivers in Long Beach and elsewhere may already know something about the new cutting-edge technology that could reduce the risks of car vs. truck accidents. Too many lives are lost or forever changed when passenger vehicles share the highways with big rigs. A significant percentage of such crashes occur when drivers of cars try to pass tractor-trailers and semi-trucks.

The tech conglomerate, Samsung, completed tests of a system to make passing big rigs safer. The company hopes to make this technology available as soon as the necessary protocols, permits, licenses and governmental approvals are in place. The technology consists of wireless cameras installed at the front of the truck. The cameras connect to exterior video panels attached to the truck’s rear, providing a live stream for any motorists behind the truck of what is going on ahead of the big rig.

Even when this new system is available to the trucking industry, drivers of passenger vehicles should still take use extreme care when navigating around large trucks:

  • Allow commercial vehicles additional space to turn in urban areas because they must often cross into other vehicles’ lanes to maneuver safely.
  • Avoid squeezing through the open space when a truck is in the process of making a wide turn.
  • It is crucial to remember that big rigs need at least 100 yards to come to a complete stop.
  • Swerving into the truck’s lane suddenly after passing it, to make a turn or to avoid oncoming traffic can cause devastating accidents.
  • Do not lose sight of the importance of staying out of the no-zones or blind spots directly in front, behind and on both sides of the truck.

For those in California who are victims of truck accidents, the financial and emotional consequences are often significant. However, if a big rig operator’s negligence caused the crash, the injured victims might have grounds to pursue financial relief by filing a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court. An experienced attorney can help at every step of the claims process.

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