Premises liability: Slip-and-fall accidents can cause TBI

While many slip-and-fall accidents may cause no more harm than embarrassment, others could cause life-changing brain injuries. Consumers in Long Beach who slip or trip and fall while shopping or visiting another public facility may find comfort in knowing that the California civil justice system allows them to pursue claims for financial relief. This can be done by filing a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner and/or the entity managing or in possession of the property.

If a person’s head strikes a hard object in a slip-and-fall accident, the consequences could be life-changing. The severity of the injury will depend on which part of the brain is damaged. Brain injuries could bring about emotional and behavioral changes, along with physical and cognitive difficulties. While recovery may take only weeks for some, others may never overcome the damage.

The brain consists of six areas: the brain stem and regions responsible for heartbeat, breathing, swallowing, and hearing and seeing reflexes. Combined, these areas form the center that controls all activities of the body, including emotional reactions, judgment and thinking. Widespread damage to the brain typically adds to the severity of the effect on the life of the victim.

A premises liability lawsuit might result in a judgment for monetary damages, but putting a value on how a slip-and-fall victim’s life has changed is a complicated process. A California personal injury attorney who has experience in navigating premises liability lawsuits might be the best person to consult about the viability of such a claim. The lawyer can establish negligence and assist with documenting past and future financial losses like medical bills and lost wages and determining the monetary values of emotional and psychological damage.