Business parking lots could be hazardous

Visitors to businesses and shopping malls in Long Beach, California, expect property owners to keep parking lots free of injury hazards. If neglected, parking lots could have uneven surfaces, slippery conditions, potholes and inadequate lighting. These are all dangers that could leave unsuspecting people with serious injuries. Many California property owners have faced premises liability lawsuits filed by injured customers.

Walking surfaces

Parking lots and walking surfaces should be free of potholes, rocks, poles and debris that could be trip hazards. Curbs and unexpected changes in levels must be marked with safety paint to serve as warnings of dangerous conditions.

Drainage hazards

Proper drainage is crucial because ice or standing water poses slip-and-trip hazards. Storm drains need frequent cleaning to prevent pools of standing water.

Insecure or missing handrails

All level changes, ramps and stairs must have secure and stable handrails at the correct height for pedestrians.


Security requirements include well-lit parking areas with adequate exterior lighting. Furthermore, security controls like law enforcement patrols and access control are essential.

Clear signage

Parking areas, entrances, pedestrian crosswalks and exits must have clear signs.

Maintenance schedule

Property owners must establish maintenance schedules that include frequent inspections and assessments to address any dangerous conditions promptly. This includes checking all light bulbs, potholes starting to form and cracked paving.

Anyone in Long Beach, California, who suffers injuries on a business’s property might have the right to pursue financial relief to cover medical expenses, lost income and emotional damages like pain and suffering. For a successful premises liability lawsuit, the court will require several aspects of alleged negligence to be established.