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When to settle truck accident lawsuits in California

Legal fees can mount quickly when civil cases are decided in California courts. That’s why litigants generally make at least some effort to settle their differences before turning matters over to a jury. While court cases are decided based on evidence and the law, settlement negotiations generally favor those with no urgent need to bring matters to a swift resolution. This means that a truck accident victim who settles their… Read More

What exactly is a third-party lawsuit?

If you are involved in an accident at work, you can most likely make a claim for workers’ compensation. Employers have a duty to provide compensation for legitimate work accident claims, and to correct any lapses in safety that may have contributed to the accident. But what if the accident wasn’t actually your employer’s fault? The limitations of workers’ compensation First of all, it should be noted that workers’ compensation… Read More

Study concludes drivers distracted by daydreams more than phones

A monotonous daily commute or scenic drive in California both have the potential to lull drivers into a state of daydreaming. Wandering thoughts take attention off of the road, and a distracted driving study from Erie Insurance cites daydreaming as the top source of distraction. After the researchers studied 172,000 traffic deaths stored in a national database of car accidents, they found that over a five-year period, distracted driving killed… Read More

What can be drawn from the fatal Tesla crash?

At the beginning of 2018, the prospect of having self-driving cars on Southern California roads  appeared to be a foregone conclusion. The only questions surrounded how soon and how many vehicles would be jockeying for position in traffic on I-405, I-10 and other busy highways. Also contributing to the swath of optimism was the fact that Tesla was primed to introduce the Model 3, the first “affordable” offering from the… Read More

Will lane splitting be legal outside of California soon?

There are pros and cons to riding a motorcycle. Most riders know this before ever taking their first ride. While there are unique factors from exposure to the open road, the biggest danger comes from other drivers who share that road. Knowing these facts is important, but more drivers are aware of motorcycles in 2018. For all of the attention given to motorcycle accidents in the LA area, there are… Read More

How insurance companies are designed to prosper at your expense

Insurance agencies are like any other company built on profits. The main objective is to increase revenue and reduce money leaks. How these profits are grown and retained is where you as a consumer should beware. While you need auto insurance as part of your legal compliance when owning and driving a vehicle, you don’t need to be fooled and short-changed after an accident. Unfortunately, this happens more often than… Read More