The dangers of Southern California’s rural roads

It is no secret the California has some of the most dangerous roads in the country. Thanks to the state’s larger population and size, there are significantly more motor vehicle injuries and fatalities here than the rest of the United States.

The Orange County Register recently showcased some studies highlighting Southern California’s deadliest highways. One of the maps that displays the different areas of California notes that urban highways tend to be much safer than highways seen on rural roads. As a citizen of this state, you should be aware of the various hazards that occur while driving in rural environments that could lead to a serious accident.

A nonlinear path

Rural roads do not have multiple lanes going in one direction that you would see in an urban highway. Most of them are narrow, have no shoulders or guard rails, and tend to have a lot of unpredictable curves that drivers are not ready for.

The Orange County Register notes that the top cause for fatal motor vehicle crashes is speeding. More people tend to speed on rural roads because of the lack of speed limit signs and other cars in sight. If drivers go in blind and do not use a GPS, they will not be prepared for the sharp turns that require them to slow down.

A lack of maintenance

You will find that most of California’s rural roadways are not in prime condition when comparing them to streets you would find in the city. While urban roads receive proper maintenance constantly to ensure that it is usable by most of the city’s residents, rural roads rarely receive an update.

This means that there are more cracks and potholes that could throw you off balance while driving. Rural roads also receive minimal treatment during storms and can be difficult to drive on due to less visibility and traction than you would find in the city.

Unpredictable factors

Rural roads also have certain obstacles that are not often hazards seen in the city. As you are passing near farms and forests, an animal may cross the road and take up your driving space. It could be a typical deer in the headlights to a herd of cattle taking up both lanes. While it is not impossible to come across animals in the city, you are far more likely to encounter them here.

In recent years, California has developed frequent wildfire problems that primarily occur in rural areas. Even if you are not right next to the fire, the smoke can throw you off balance and is very hazardous for your health. If you hear any reports of local wildfires, try to see if there are alternate routes to get to where you need to go.

With all of these dangerous aspects of rural roadways, negligent drivers can put themselves and other motorists at serious risk if they are not careful. If you receive injuries from an accident caused by one, you should seek legal assistance to receive compensation for your medical bills.