What to watch out for if you’re sharing the road with a truck

There is a high risk of injury when an accident occurs involving large commercial trucks. For that reason, truck drivers know that handling their vehicle properly is imperative to their own safety and the safety of others. However, there are certain things that are outside of a truck driver’s control.

If you are sharing the road with a truck driver, watch out for these potential hazards:

Road conditions

  • Weather —Snow, hail, ice, rain, fog and wind all create potential for both truck and passenger vehicles to lose control on the road. In these conditions, it’s best to for truck and passenger drivers to slow down and keep their distance from one another.
  • Road hazards —Roads that are unpaved, narrow, have pot holes or do not have a shoulder are especially hazardous for truck drivers. Large animals, such as deer, cows or dogs can also be cause for a serious accident due to the amount of time it takes large trucks to stop.
  • Road Construction —Road construction zones can often be narrow and challenging to navigate. To avoid an accident, drive slowly and carefully through construction zones. Avoiding passing trucks by using the shoulder or the median.

Actions of other vehicles

  • Underride accidents — An “underride” accident occurs when a large truck stops, and a smaller vehicle following the truck does not. The small car can lodge straight under the truck’s trailer. If you are driving behind leave a large enough space cushion and keep your eyes on the road. Underride accidents can be deadly.
  • Motorcycles — It is very dangerous for motorcycles and truck drivers to share the road because of the truck driver’s blind spot. Motorcyclists should ride in the left-hand portion of their lane and try to stay out of the blind sport of a truck driver.
  • Unsafe passing — Swerving in front of a truck to pass or change lanes can lead to an accident because of a truck driver’s limited response time. If you are going to pass a truck, make sure there is plenty of room to pass without causing the truck driver to brake.
  • Turns — A motorist should avoid speeding by a truck to try to reach a turn first. Truck drivers can have a tough time making sharp turns due to the vehicle’s length.

These are just a few ways to help reduce the chances of an accident. If you or someone you know has been involved in a trucking accident, contact an attorney for guidance. [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-4″] may help you receive compensation for any truck accident injuries.