Who is liable for your injuries involving a rideshare accident?

Ridesharing has become a popular alternative to getting around busy areas for millions of Americans. While rideshare companies offer many conveniences, they have been creating a new issue of determining liability in accidents. When a rideshare passenger is a victim in a car accident, it is difficult to know who is liable for their injuries.   

Despite all the benefits ridesharing offers, there are harmful elements of the new service. Studies have shown that cities that have ridesharing in them are seeing an increase in car accident fatalities. Determining liability in these cases can be difficult, but not impossible.

Untangling the mess

To understand who may be liable in a rideshare accident, you must first understand what makes someone liable. The responsible party in an accident is usually the person whose negligence led to the accident. In a car accident, this negligence can be the reckless driving of another driver or failure to signal. If the rideshare driver was liable for the accident, the liability might fall onto the employer instead.

Companies need to hire employees who can safely fulfill their duties. If a company like Uber or Lyft employs someone who has a patter of car accidents, the company may be liable for any accidents the driver causes on the job.

To be sure of who a victim needs to pursue compensation from, they should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Lawyers know how to determine who is liable, especially if one or both drivers were working at the time of the accident.

The first guess is not always the right one

Each car accident is a unique event when you compare them to any other accident. Based on the nature of the accident, a driver, their employer, the local government who maintain the roads, or another third-party may be liable. Let the years of experience an attorney can offer help determine who should pay for your injuries.