The effects of alcohol on a driver

When behind the wheel, the primary responsibility of a driver is to drive safely and follow the rules of the road. Drivers should put down their phones, maintain a safe speed and avoid behaviors that could increase their chance of a serious accident. This includes drinking and driving, which is a behavior that contributes to an elevated chance of an accident. It is dangerous, and you should avoid it.

Despite these things, people often make the dangerous decision to drink and drive. Just a few drinks can impact a driver and his or her reactions, and it can endanger every individual on the road. Sadly, it is often innocent motorists who pay the price for a driver’s decision to drink and drive. If you received an injury in an accident caused by a drunk driver, you will benefit from learning more about the potential legal options that are available to you.

Physical and cognitive consequences

Even after one drink, alcohol can start to affect a driver’s inhibitions. Each person is different, and the factors that determine the impact of alcohol can include everything from weight, age, medical conditions and more. The dangers of driving after consuming alcohol are significant, and they can include the following:

  • Slower reaction time to hazards or even other vehicles on the road
  • Lack of coordination, making it difficult to drive
  • Reduced capacity to concentrate on a specific task
  • Difficulty focusing and lessened visual capabilities
  • Inhibited judgement and trouble processing events in real time

A few drinks can cause a driver to act in ways that he or she may not normally act, and he or she may not have the capacity to operate the vehicle safely. This endangers every individual on the road. Drunk driving accidents can impact victims and their families for years to come, but there are ways to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

Are you a victim?

If you are the victim of a drunk driving accident, or you lost a loved one in a crash caused by a drunk driver, you have legal options available to you. The California civil justice system provides you a way to pursue recourse in the form of a lawsuit. An assessment of your specific accident can help you understand what steps you need to take to seek justice and financial recovery.