The dangers of driving too fast on California roads

Most drivers understand how easy it is to drive over the speed limit from time to time. Speeding is a common traffic violation, and most people fail to see how this can significantly increase the chance of an accident and place everyone at risk. Driving at excessive speeds is an unnecessarily risky form of reckless or aggressive driving, and statistics suggest that speeding plays a role in approximately one-third of all traffic accidents. 

Every driver is responsible for the choices he or she makes behind the wheel. If you are the victim of a motor vehicle accident, it is possible speed was a factor in what happened to you. A reconstruction of the accident and other evidence may pinpoint excessive speed as the cause of the crash, and you could have grounds to pursue legal action in response. 

A risky and unnecessary behavior 

Speeding is an action that places everyone on California roads at risk. Estimates suggest that thousands of people die each year in accidents caused by driving at elevated speeds. Each road has a specific speed limit for a reason, and driving even a few miles per hour over the speed limit can elevate the chance for an accident. The consequences for speeding include the following: 

  • It reduces the effectiveness of safety equipment, such as safety belts and airbags. 
  • Speeding makes it more likely that a driver will lose control of his or her vehicle. 
  • It can increase the severity of a crash and cause more serious injuries. 
  • Speeding increases the distance needed for a vehicle to come to a complete stop. 

Drivers often speed because they simply do not realize the risks associated with driving too fast. People may underestimate the danger of driving even a few miles per hour over the speed limit, and they may be trying to reach their destination sooner. Regardless of why someone is disregarding the speed limit, that individual is responsible for the choices he or she makes while driving. 

Holding the responsible parties accountable 

If you are the victim of an accident caused by a speeding driver, there are legal options available to you. It is possible that you may have grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim, but these cases are time sensitive. If you think you may have a case, it could be in your interests to take quick action to seek an assessment of your potential accident claim and explanation of the legal options available to you.