Speed contributes to about 1 in 4 car accident fatalities

Juggling the busy schedules of modern life could cause frustration when traffic on the California roads does not move fast enough. In 2019, almost 10,000 people lost their lives in speed-related car accidents nationwide. In many cases, drivers do not adjust their speed when road or weather conditions are bad, not realizing that speed limits are for perfect conditions. 

Potential consequences of speeding 

Along with breaking the law, speeding drivers risk the following: 

  • Losing control of the vehicle 
  • Increased distance necessary to come to a controlled stop 
  • Compromised effect of protection equipment 
  • More severe injuries due to higher impact 

Speeding often leads to aggressive driving 

The following are some of the reasons why drivers drive too fast: 

Too much to do and not enough time 

Rushing between school, work, meetings, appointments and getting children to sports has drivers running late more often than not. Being held up in traffic at these times is enough to frustrate most drivers. 

Congested traffic 

When traffic congestion prevents drivers from getting to their destinations, frequent lane changing and aggression might lead to dangerous speeding. 

Anonymity and disregard for the law 

Drivers may feel protected by anonymity and detachment from other road users, thinking that they would never see those who witnessed their speeding and disregard for others and the law. 

That is not always the case. Negligent drivers who cause accidents that claim lives or cause severe injuries might have to forget anonymity and face their victims or the surviving family members of deceased victims in court. 

In California, victims of serious car accidents caused by negligent drivers may seek financial relief by filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit in a civil court. The successful navigation of such a claim could lead to the recovery of documented losses.