Some injuries are common for car accidents in California

Although passenger vehicles have more safety features than ever before, crash victims in Long Beach, California continue to suffer serious and sometimes debilitating injuries. Car accidents occur every day and are often traumatic incidents. Aspects like the position of a person in the car, the location of impact, speed of the vehicles, seatbelt use and more could determine the type and severity of injuries.

Head and brain injuries are most prevalent, ranging from mild traumatic brain injuries like concussions to severe injuries that cause permanent disabilities. Back, neck and chest injuries are also common, especially for passengers in the front seat. These could include mild strains and bruises, but they could consist of rib fractures, shoulder dislocation, spinal disc injuries, spine fractures, collarbone fractures and other debilitating injuries. Severe spinal cord injuries could even cause paralysis.

Injuries to joints and extremities could include fractures, torn ligaments, bruises and sprains — some more severe than others. Crush injuries can occur to knees and ankles, arms and legs can be fractured, and shoulders and hips can be dislocated. Internal organ damage to kidneys, bowels, heart or aorta, liver, spleen or lungs can be life-threatening because they are often not immediately diagnosed.

In addition to all these, psychological trauma from emotional distress could follow serious car accidents, and if left untreated, it could lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Medical and therapy costs could lead to mounting bills and lost income can cause additional trauma and stress. Fortunately, California’s civil justice system allows injured victims to pursue claims for financial relief if another party’s negligence caused their injuries. Navigating a civil lawsuit is complicated, and typically best done by an experienced personal injury attorney.