Software startup could benefit U.S. trucking industry

California motorists are likely aware of the challenges that commercial truck drivers face. The average trucker is on the road for 70 hours over the course of an eight-day workweek, so fatigue behind the wheel is a constant risk. Because of this, turnover rates tend to be high, sometimes exceeding 90 percent, and truckers are in short supply.

To provide truckers with tools and incentives for better, more efficient operations, an Oklahoma-based startup specializing in safety software is developing several smart devices for truckers. BlyncSync is the name of the startup, and its first initiative is to market special safety glasses that can measure truckers’ blink rate and, therefore, their level of fatigue. Other devices currently under development include smart hard hats and watches that measure biometric data like heart rate.

The BlyncSync CEO has stated that its software platform can help reduce the risk for accidents as well as lower insurance rates and turnover rates. The CEO and co-founders are working with i2E, a nonprofit also based in Oklahoma, to create a scalable business plan. To this end, they have spoken with over 150 people in the trucking industry.

Its first pilot program will involve five trucking companies both in and outside of Oklahoma. The state is a shipping hub, making it the ideal location for a company like BlyncSync to grow. In the event that a truck accident does occur, the victim will want to know how he or she can be compensated. This is where a lawyer has experience with big rig accidents can assess the situation and see if the victim has a valid claim. Whether the client opts for litigation or for alternative dispute resolution, proof of the trucker’s negligence will be required.