Single car accident in Long Beach critically injures 2

Traversing intersections in California and elsewhere is not without its share of risks. Many car accidents occur at intersections as traffic crosses through these areas. While many times accidents involve two or more cars at intersections, a recent crash in Long Beach involved only one vehicle, but it critically injured two of the occupants inside. 

Accident details 

The crash occurred at the intersection of Palo Verdes and Stearns Avenue around 3 p.m. on Wed., Feb. 9. For reasons yet unknown, a white SUV was traversing the intersection when it suddenly overturned. No word was given as to whether the SUV was trying to negotiate a turn too quickly or what happened to cause the vehicle to flip on its side. Nevertheless, the car sustained so much damage, the occupants had to be extricated using the Jaws of Life. 

Reports indicate that several people were in the car, but only two people were mentioned to have been injured. No identifying information was given about the occupants other than they suffered critical injuries in the crash. An update to the report stated the victims’ condition was updated to stable several hours after the accident. 

Legal recourse for injured passenger 

Authorities could only state they believe the driver lost control of the SUV, causing it to overturn. No word was given whether speed and/or intoxication played a role, but now the driver’s passenger will have to deal with his or her recovery and the medical costs and other expenses associated with it. As such, the person may elect to work with an experienced personal injury attorney in California in an effort to recover compensation from the alleged at-fault driver for any injuries and losses sustained.