Senior drivers face challenges to stay safe while driving

Although many senior drivers in Long Beach and elsewhere in California are careful when they take to the busy roads, they face more risks than most other drivers. Coupled with the physical changes, older drivers have to deal with a myriad of driving-related changes and advancing technology over recent decades. However, they can take precautions to ensure they can continue driving safely as they grow older.

Primary concerns

Senior drivers may have to deal with many challenges, most frequently the following three:

  • Hearing
  • Vision
  • Response time

Many older drivers do not realize the adverse effects medication could have on their reflexes and their judgment.

Steps senior drivers can take

The following precautions would address the issues most frequently linked to car accidents involving older drivers:

  • Aging changes people’s vision, making corrective lenses and regular eye tests essential for safe driving.
  • Hearing is crucial while driving, and hearing aids could save lives.
  • Keeping the music volume low can ensure the driver hears emergency vehicles and horns.
  • Older drivers can overcome limited mobility with physical aid devices.
  • An occupational therapist could suggest vehicle modifications to accommodate physical impairments.
  • Planning trips properly and considering alternate routes could keep older drivers away from heavy traffic.
  • Keep safe following distances to ensure enough time to stop in emergencies.
  • Keep to the right when maintaining a leisurely speed to avoid causing frustration or impatience in other drivers.

Older drivers in Long Beach have the same rights to be on California roads as younger drivers have, as long as they take all the necessary precautions to ensure they can still operate their vehicles safely. If they fall victim to other drivers’ negligence, they might have grounds to file personal injury claims to pursue financial relief to cover medical expenses and other damages brought about by car accidents.