Recognizing bad driving habits of others could save your life

There is no shortage of drivers in Long Beach, California, who have long forgotten some of the driving techniques they learned in driver’s ed. They may not realize that they are breaking traffic laws and increasing their chances of causing car accidents. They and other road users could end up dead or living with the consequences of catastrophic injuries. 

Watch for red flags 

Responsible drivers who value their safety and want to protect their families while out on the roads can look out for any of the following traffic violations that could cause car accidents: 

  • The most apparent violation to keep a lookout for is drivers busy with cell phones or other electronics. 
  • Drivers with headphones may be unaware of car horns, emergency vehicle sirens and other important noises. 
  • Lane changing without using indicators to show their intentions endanger the lives of other motorists. 
  • Tailgating drivers who fail to maintain safe following distances pose rear-end collision hazards. 
  • Drivers exceeding posted limits and also driving too fast for weather and road conditions. 
  • Drivers without seat belts have no concern for their own safety, so why would they care about others? 
  • Drivers who do not turn their headlights on in the dark pose significant crash risks for all who share the roads with them. 

Sadly, many law-abiding motorists in Long Beach fall victim to the negligence of others. Victims of such motor vehicle accidents might have grounds to hold a negligent driver accountable. If a personal injury lawsuit is successfully presented in a civil court, the victims could recover financial losses and emotional damages.