Proper planning can prevent impaired driving

Drivers and their passengers in Long Beach are always at risk of becoming victims of accidents caused by drunk drivers. While impaired drivers are most prevalent over weekends and during the holidays, it is not restricted to those times. The first drink consumed by a driver is when impairment begins, and before the individual knows it his or her blood alcohol concentration exceeds the limit of .08, and the likelihood of causing motor vehicle accidents increases.

Research suggests that the driving performance of most drivers is significantly deteriorated by the time their BAC level reached .08. Drivers are advised to avoid driving under the influence by arranging for a ride share, a taxi or a designated driver to get them to their destination safely. However, human behavior comes into play, and many drivers do not realize that motor skills, judgment and visual function are affected after consuming a single alcoholic beverage.

Of course, alcohol is not the only cause of impairment in drivers. Marijuana, opioids, over-the-counter medications and other drugs are equally dangerous. Any of these substances can cause drowsiness and impair drivers in similar ways to consuming alcohol.

Victims of motor vehicle accidents that were caused by impaired drivers can pursue claims for financial relief through the California civil justice system. If the drunk driver is convicted on criminal DUI charges, it could benefit the plaintiffs in a related civil lawsuit. However, navigating such lawsuits are complicated, and for that reason, most victims in Long Beach choose to utilize the skills of an attorney who has experience in dealing with claims against impaired drivers. Legal counsel can assist with establishing negligence, documenting damages and presenting the claim in civil court.