Long Beach motorcyclists are more vulnerable than motorists

It is often said that motorcyclists in Long Beach and across California need more skills than drivers of vehicles. One reason is that the wheels of cars have four points of contact with the road’s surface, while motorcycles have only two. Therefore, it takes particular skills to maintain control of a bike. 

The vulnerability of bikers 

Furthermore, the lack of protection bikers have is significantly less than drivers of vehicles with seat belts, airbags and more. Even those who wear helmets are at risk of suffering fatal injuries. A recent collision between a car and a motorcycle underscores the vulnerability of motorcycle riders. 

Crash claims life of motorcyclist 

On the last Saturday of February, a former Long Beach man lost his life while riding his motorcycle in another county. Reportedly, the 52-year-old heating and air-conditioning repairman was riding his bike when, at approximately 6:15 p.m., he was struck by a car. 

An accident report indicates that a 52-year-old driver attempted to turn into a shopping center’s parking area. She was westbound and had to cross the eastbound lanes by way of a break in the median to enter the parking lot. Allegedly, she turned without yielding for the man on the motorcycle. 

The impact of the collision caused the biker to be ejected from the motorcycle. He was rushed to a hospital, but he later succumbed to his injuries. Reports indicate that the driver of the car suffered no injuries. 

The motorcyclist’s surviving family members will be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the car that struck the biker. With sufficient proof of negligence, they can name the driver as the defendant in a claim filed in a California civil court to pursue damage recovery.