Long Beach crash seriously injures motorcyclist

Many people in Long Beach and elsewhere enjoy riding motorcycles both as a primary means of transportation and as a source of recreation. However, due to their small size and lack of safety barriers, motorcycles do little to protect their riders from serious harm should an accident occur. This was made evident in a recent crash involving a motorcycle and a car in Long Beach.

What happened?

According to reports, a serious accident occurred the night of Oct. 5. The crash happened near the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Cherry Avenue, and authorities had to close the area for several hours in order to investigate the crash. No further updates were given.

The Long Beach Police Chief stated in the report that he did not believe distracted driving or driving under the influence played any part in causing the collision. Apparently, someone took a video of the accident and shared on social media. The video reportedly showed the motorcycle colliding head-on with a vehicle that was waiting at a traffic light. The motorcyclist was seriously injured, but the report offered no other updates regarding his condition.

On-going investigation

The police chief also stated that officers had not seen the video, and they are still investigating the crash. However, if the video showing the motorcyclist colliding head-on with a parked car is accurate, they will likely determine the motorcyclist was at fault. If they determine the driver of the car was somehow responsible for the accident, the motorcyclist could pursue a civil claim against that driver, seeking reimbursement of damages caused in the wreck. If the motorcyclist is determined to have been at fault, the driver of the car may elect to pursue a civil claim against the motorcyclist. If the video is accurate, it may provide evidence of negligence on the part of the motorcyclist should the car driver pursue his or her own civil claim against the motorcyclist and anyone else with ownership interest in his or her motorcycle.