How can a driver avoid distractions while behind the wheel?

When a person is behind the wheel, his or her primary responsibility is the safe operation of that vehicle. However, many drivers find it difficult to avoid certain types of behaviors that could take their attention off the road and increase the chance of an accident. Distracted driving is one of the most pressing safety concerns on California roads, and each person who operates a vehicle should strive to avoid this as much as possible. 

There are simple ways that a California driver can make it less likely that he or she will engage in distracting behaviors. Each person will benefit from carefully evaluating his or her own actions and determining what steps are necessary to make safety a priority. Even a single moment of distraction can result in devastating consequences for innocent drivers and passengers.  

Reduce the chance of distraction 

There are several ways that drivers can reduce the chance that something will take their attention while driving. While each driver is different, the following are helpful suggestions that may make it easier for each person operating a vehicle to do so safely and without unnecessarily endangering others around him or her: 

  • Make adjustments to mirrors and the radio before starting and moving the vehicle. 
  • Put the phone in the backseat or in a place where it would be difficult to locate. 
  • Avoid eating and drinking whenever possible behind the wheel. 
  • Store loose gear in the trunk where it cannot move around and cause distraction. 
  • Turn on the phone’s auto text response while driving. 

While hands-free devices and Bluetooth capabilities make it easier for drivers to keep both hands on the wheel, these things can also cause distraction. A driver with an unfocused mind can cause just as much damage as a driver who is sending a text. It is important to keep both hands on the wheel, mind on the road and eyes facing the right direction. 

Holding distracted drivers accountable 

If you are suffering from injuries, financial loss and other complications after a car accident, it is possible that a distracted driving is responsible for what happened to you. The civil justice system provides you with the opportunity to seek appropriate compensation through a claim against the driver who caused your crash. An assessment of the case and evaluation of certain evidence can reveal what legal options are available to you.