Holiday traffic and car accidents in California go hand-in-hand

Reportedly, many people in California choose to travel by road during this year’s holidays instead of by air. That could lead to congested roadways and delays, in which circumstances some drivers get impatient. These situations often lead to car accidents, injuries and deaths.

Safety authorities have urged drivers to take the following precautions to arrive at their destinations safely:

Proper planning

Make sure vehicles are well maintained and trip-ready. Plan routes ahead of time, but avoid those that are known to be jammed with traffic. Checking weather forecasts is always a good idea, and then avoid traveling in inclement or extreme weather. Also, ensure to pack an emergency car kit.

Avoid distractions

Keeping eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel is essential. Thousands of lives are lost each year in accidents caused by distracted driving. Drivers alone on long trips may find it more difficult to ignore their cell phones, but pulling off the road to use the phone can save lives.

Defensive driving

Chances of car accidents increase in times of heavy traffic when the unexpected could happen in the blink of an eye. Defensive driving is the best way to go. This involves not only safe driving but also keeping a lookout for the negligent actions of other drivers. This could include drivers cutting others off, unexpected braking, slowing down or speeding up.

Keeping cool

Drivers must keep their cool and avoid road rage, which can lead to crashes involving multiple vehicles.

During this time, victims of motor vehicle accidents will likely face financial and emotional damages in the aftermath of the festive season. If other parties’ negligence caused the wrecks, the victims might have grounds to pursue personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits through the California civil justice system.