Crash injuries 3 California Highway Patrol officers

Officers with the California Highway Patrol are charged with helping to keep the state’s road safe for all travelers. A large part of their job involves responding to motor vehicle accidents and assisting with rescue efforts and investigating the causes of crashes. Unfortunately, three members of the California Highway Patrol suffered injuries when a car crashed into them as they were investigating a previous wreck. 

Accident details 

The accident occurred around 1:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 28. Officers with CHP were already on the scene at the 105 Freeway close to Lakewood Boulevard, responding to a single-car crash. Suddenly, an SUV driven by an unidentified woman collided with the CHP patrol car and burst into flames. 

One of the officers standing outside the car was severely injured in the collision. The two other officers were in the patrol car and suffered moderate injuries. The woman had apparently blown through a flare pattern set up by authorities on the road before colliding with the patrol car. She reportedly made no attempt to slow or stop or take evasive actions. She was arrested under suspicion of DUI.

Legal recourse for victims 

The three officers injured in this accident can pursue civil claims against the woman and anyone else who has ownership interest in her vehicle. The plaintiffs and their counsel will likely use evidence of the woman’s alleged intoxication to help support their claims that the accident was caused by negligent, reckless and unlawful behavior. Working closely with an experienced personal injury attorney in California, the officers can increase their chances of obtaining the most favorable outcome possible.