Crash claims motorcyclist’s life in California

A man was killed in a motorcycle accident in California after a car struck his bike. The accident occurred on a recent Saturday evening. It took place on the eastern side of U.S. Route 101. 

How the motorcycle accident happened 

The California motorcycle crash took place at 5:26 p.m. According to authorities, a motor vehicle crashed into a motorcycle at an intersection. They discovered the motorcyclist lying on the ground within a minute of being dispatched to the crash scene. 

First responders transported the man to a nearby hospital. However, he passed away from his injuries there. Authorities shut down the intersection for multiple hours while investigating the accident. 

Legal recourse available following the accident

Police may discover through their investigation that the motor vehicle driver involved in the accident caused the motorcyclist’s death due to negligent driving, such as speeding or texting and driving. In this situation, the motorcyclist’s surviving family members may opt to file a wrongful death claim against the automobile driver, seeking financial damages. Once liability is formally established in civil court, the claim for damages will be considered. 

If the motorcyclist’s family members are successful in their wrongful death claim, they may receive a financial damage award to cover his hospital bills and burial costs. Monetary damages may also help cover the loss of support for the motorcyclist’s surviving dependents. A monetary award cannot undo the events leading to the California crash, but it may help the motorcyclist’s family members more easily move on from the ordeal.