Could Apple CarPlay be putting your life at risk?

When operating a vehicle, a driver has the sole responsibility of driving safely and obeying traffic laws. Drivers are also responsible for the choices they make while driving, including using a cell phone or engaging in distracting behaviors. Even a moment of inattentiveness behind the wheel can result in devastating consequences for innocent motorists. Unfortunately, there are more things than ever before that can be distracting for a driver. 


While phones are the leading cause of distraction, there are other things that can take the attention of a driver. For example, many of the features that now come standard in newer vehicles can prove incredibly distracting for those behind the wheel. Apple CarPlay is a system that allows a driver’s phone to pair seamlessly with the vehicle, providing an immersive and potentially distracting experience. CarPlay is a widely used and popular system, and it is likely that use of it will continue to grow. 

Potentially risky infotainment system 

There is significant evidence that points to the fact that anything that takes a driver’s attention away from driving could be dangerously distracting. However, technology experts are not in complete agreement regarding how unsafe CarPlay really is. After the latest update to the software, some wonder what this could mean for the technology giant as a whole. In its latest iteration, CarPlay practically takes over many functions of the vehicle, and it may be harder for drivers to disengage enough to allow them to safely drive while also using CarPlay. 

While there are some who have concerns about the safety of this system, there are others who believe it may not be as distracting as one would assume. For example, a larger touchscreen may actually make it easier for a driver to use the system by requiring fewer touches on the screen. Regardless of how a driver uses CarPlay or what specific things causes distraction, that individual is still responsible for focusing appropriately on the task at hand.  

The implications of distraction 

Distracted driving significantly increases the chance of an accident and makes it more likely a driver will cause an accident. If you suffered harm in an accident that took place on California roads, you could have legal options available to you. Through the civil justice system, you can take specific steps that will allow you to hold responsible parties accountable for their actions while seeking the full and fair recovery you deserve.