Construction zones cause car accidents

If you reach a construction zone while driving, be very careful and follow all changes to speed limits and other rules of the road. Not only do you want to protect the road construction workers who may be on the site, but you also have to think about the increased risk of accidents between cars while driving in the construction zone or approaching it.

Per the Federal Highway Administration, out of all of the different types of accidents that can happen in a construction zone, the most common is the rear-end crash. These can happen when traffic backs up and comes to a standstill or just when the cars in front are moving more slowly than the traffic behind and those drivers fail to slow down enough to avoid the accident.

This is especially an issue on the interstate in a place with an obstructed view. Drivers expect to be able to drive at 70 miles per hour, and many drive even faster than that. The flow of traffic makes them feel safe. There are no cross streets, stoplights, oncoming lanes or other such hazards.

Now imagine that you’ve settled in and you’re comfortably driving at 75 mph. Maybe your mind wanders a bit. Maybe not. Either way, you come over a hill to find an unexpected traffic jam because the road ahead is down to one lane. You hit the brakes hard, and you are able to stop, but there was a semi traveling behind you. With no warning, will that truck stop in time?

It’s a frightening position to find yourself in. If you get hit, make sure you know how to seek compensation.