Common spinal cord injury symptoms after an accident   

There are a multitude of different injuries that those here in California who are victims of motor vehicle and slip-and-fall accidents can suffer. Sadly, many of these preventable incidents result in severe or life-altering complications from which it may take months and even years to recover. One of the most catastrophic of all injury types includes damage to any part of the spinal cord.

Since the brain transmits its communication all over the body by means of the spinal cord, there can be a wide range of symptoms reported by those who sustained this type of injury. Some of the most common of these include the following:

  • Motor skill symptoms, such as a loss of strength in certain muscle groups, paralysis of particular areas of the body and muscle spasms
  • Autonomic symptoms, including heart rate irregularities, body temperature abnormalities and blood pressure issues
  • Sensory-related symptoms, such as pain, numbness in certain extremities, and pins-and-needles-like tingling sensations

Medical professionals classify these injuries based on their level of severity. An incomplete spinal cord injury doesn’t completely cut off all communication signals from the brain, while a complete spinal cord injury blocks all nerve signals from passing through the area. Unfortunately, this means that the latter of these two typically results in the loss of functionality and paralysis below the injury location.

Where victims can turn for help and support

Those who suffered spinal cord injuries through no fault of their own have the right to pursue justice and compensation during these challenging times. An experienced California attorney can carefully evaluate the unique details of one’s accident to build the strongest personal injury claim possible. Any awarded monetary damages resulting from a successful claim can help ease a victim’s pain and suffering while also covering medical bills, rehabilitation costs and lost income from being unable to work.