Car crashes into food stand, killing 1 and injuring a dozen

For some people in California, even stopping to get a bite to eat can put them in peril. Food stands are common in many municipalities across the state, and they offer a convenient way for people to grab lunch or dinner on the run. Unfortunately, one person lost their life and 12 others were injured when a car smashed into a food stand in Pomona. 

Accident details 

The crash happened just after 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 14. It occurred near the intersection of Dudley Street and West Holt Avenue in Pomona. Apparently, a 26-year-old woman smashed into the food stand with her car. 

During the collision, the car struck several people who were near the food stand. One person was killed outright, and 12 others suffered injuries. At least three of those injured sustained critical injuries. None of the victims were identified in the report, and no word was given as to whether the driver was injured. The report did state that the woman initially fled the scene but turned herself in more than an hour later. 

Right to compensation 

Authorities continue to investigate the crash, and they do not know how fast the woman was going or what caused her to crash into the food stand in the first place. Nothing was mentioned as far as impairment on the part of the driver, nor was there any mention of whether charges will be filed against her. Regardless, those adversely affected by this tragedy, including the surviving family of the deceased person and any of the 12 injured parties, may be able to obtain compensation by pursuing civil action against the driver. To find out their options and increase their chances of obtaining a successful outcome, they will want to work closely with an experienced personal injury attorney in California.