5 safety tips parents can give their teen driver

The day is here. Your teenager has their driver’s license. You’re proud, but at the same time, you’re worried. As a parent, that’s only natural. You’re concerned about their safety on the road because you know just how dangerous it can be.

While you may trust your teenager, you can’t always trust other drivers, and the last thing you want is your child to be in an accident.

Parents with teen drivers can still help their kids stay safe on the road even after they get their license. Here are five tips that can help protect your teen driver:

  • Keep phones out of reach – Distracted driving is one of the main causes of car crashes. Make sure your teenager knows the risks and keeps their phone in a bag or somewhere else out of reach, so they’re not tempted to answer texts or check social media while driving.
  • Limit passengers – Now that your child has driving access, they might be eager to give their friends a ride home from school. However, with more passengers in the car comes more distractions. Limiting the number of friends your teenager can drive at once will help them stay focused on the road.
  • Keep a slow speed – Speeding can cause terrible accidents, and it’s crucial your child remembers to follow the speed limits while they drive. If your child is speeding, they may not have enough time to stop before hitting another car. Remind them to keep a safe distance between other vehicles and never drive recklessly.
  • Practice together – Just because your teenager has their license doesn’t mean they won’t need further guidance. If they’re having trouble with any aspect of being on the road, suggest going along with them for simple trips such as to the grocery or post office so you can offer advice along the way.
  • Always drive sober – Set the right example for your kids by avoiding driving after drinking so your kids don’t do the same. Emphasize the importance of a designated driver and that they shouldn’t be afraid to call you for a ride home if they do get drunk.

Teen drivers can be safe on the road with proper guidance and precautions. You can teach your child how to be a mindful, cautious driver and rest a little easier knowing you’ve given them all the tools they need to be safe behind the wheel.