2 women killed in California single-car collision

A car crash in California has claimed the lives of two women when their car careened down an embankment. There were no other vehicles involved in the car accident. The accident occurred along State Route 99.

Events leading up to the car accident 

The recent California accident took place on a Friday morning. According to authorities, a 20-year-old woman was driving north on the state highway. She was reportedly speeding as she tried to navigate a left curve. 

The vehicle left the roadway on the right side and went over an embankment. The front part of the woman’s car descended the embankment and then struck a tree. The impact of the crash killed both the woman and her female passenger, aged 19. Authorities said alcohol might have contributed to the accident but continue to investigate the cause of the wreck. 

Legal recourse available following the accident 

The financial strain of losing a loved one can be overwhelming. The surviving loved ones of the deceased passenger may opt to file a wrongful death claim, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages sustained due to the California motor vehicle accident. Even though the driver also died, the lawsuit may still be filed against her estate and anyone else with an ownership interest in the car she was operating at the time of the accident. Liability must be established before a judge will adjudicate claims for damages. A successfully fought lawsuit may lead to financial damages to cover the deceased passenger’s funeral costs and the loss of support for any of the passenger’s surviving dependents.