2 die, 1 injured in California car accident

Two people were killed recently in a car crash in California. The collision took place during the early morning hours on a recent Wednesday. Many of these types of crashes occur due to driver negligence, such as speeding. The surviving families of deceased victims may have grounds for legal recourse.

Events leading up to the crash

The recent Texas accident occurred at around 3:45 a.m. Police said an individual was driving a convertible along a street and failed to stop at a red traffic light. The car was reportedly going 90 to 100 mph at the time.

According to authorities, the convertible then struck a second car and landed in the parking lot of a strip mall nearby. A woman who was driving the second car was killed in the crash. The convertible driver also died. Meanwhile, the passenger in the convertible suffered critical injuries.

How an attorney can help

The surviving loved ones of the deceased woman who was driving the second car may choose to file a wrongful death claim, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages. Likewise, the seriously injured passenger may file a personal injury claim. Even though the driver of the convertible passed away in the California crash, claims may be filed against this individual’s estate as well as anyone else with an ownership interest in the convertible. Successfully navigated claims may lead to monetary damages to cover accident-related losses, such as the deceased woman’s funeral costs as well as the injured passenger’s hospital bills.