Will lane splitting be legal outside of California soon?

There are pros and cons to riding a motorcycle. Most riders know this before ever taking their first ride. While there are unique factors from exposure to the open road, the biggest danger comes from other drivers who share that road.

Knowing these facts is important, but more drivers are aware of motorcycles in 2018. For all of the attention given to motorcycle accidents in the LA area, there are just as many benefits to riding on two wheels instead of four. Besides the thrill of open air, motorcycles are more efficient and more agile in heavy California traffic.

Legal lane splitting

It was just two years ago when the state officially embraced lane splitting, the practice of motorcycles driving between lanes to gain ground in heavy traffic. It was widely practiced before the law made if official, but California is still the only state to do so. This year, seven states are considering it. Fifteen states have considered it in recent years.

While lane splitting is gaining as a method to ease congestion, advocates and adversaries have differing opinions. The American Motorcyclist Association says it reduces motorcycle injuries because it eliminates rear-end scenarios in heavy traffic. AAA, on the other hand, argues that drivers who make sudden lane changes will be startled by the close proximity of motorcycle and car in shared lanes.

Looking out for motorcyclist safety

Even though the two sides disagree, they notable both list safety as the primary concern. When cars and motorcycles collide, basic physics put the motorcyclist in greater danger than the car’s passengers. When a driver who breaks the law, such as making a sudden lane change without looking for motorcycles, they are negligent in their behavior and at fault for the accident.

Any motorcyclist who is in a car accident should consult with an attorney to review your case to make sure that your rights are upheld, including holding other drivers responsible for their actions. Motorcycles and cars can safely share the roads, and California’s use of lane splitting shows this. When a driver doesn’t follow established rules and causes an accident, they are responsible for the damages that ensue.