Bus Accident Attorney

Have You Been Hurt In A Bus Accident?

Accidents in buses can be very serious. A factor in this is the commercial bus lines failure to install safety belts in most buses, despite urging from the National Transportation Safety Board as far back as 1968. Other safety concerns include the strength of bus roofs and windows. Operator fatigue, distraction, carelessness or lack of training also figures into many of these accidents. As these cases can be complex, it is strongly advised that one involved in such an accident contact a personal injury attorney familiar with bus accidents for preparation of your claim or lawsuit.

Compensation Due To Bus Accident Victims

You are entitled to receive compensation for your injuries upon showing of the liability of the bus company or other party. These damages may include medical, hospital and ambulance costs. You are also due reimbursement for loss of income both in the present and in the future as well as the cost of retraining. Pain and suffering damages may also be recovered. If a family member has died in a bus accident, the family may bring a wrongful death action to recoup medical and funeral bills, loss of comfort and support and other damages.

Experienced Bus Accident Lawyer

Nguyen Lawyers is a bus accident law firm ready to serve you. Based in Long Beach, California, the firm helps injury victims throughout California and the United States. It has years of effective courtroom experience including many verdicts and settlements in excess of $1 million. The firm takes pride in its thorough trial preparation, employment of expert witnesses, state-of-the-art trial equipment and persuasive courtroom presentation. You are encouraged to speak with a bus accident lawyer at the firm about your case. Your matter will be thoroughly reviewed and you will be advised as to how the firm may help you. The firm is dedicated to providing you with friendly service, close communication and zealous advocacy.

Contact a bus accident lawyer at the firm for diligent representation of your bus accident case. There is no cost for the initial consultation. If your case is accepted for representation, then you do not pay any costs or fees until there is a recovery. If there is no recovery, then there are no costs or fees.