Nurse who stopped to help crash victims struck and killed

A tragedy on a California highway robbed a 4-month-old baby and two siblings of their mother. Reportedly, the accident occurred on Highway 99 in the early hours of a recent Wednesday. The tragedy may lead to the surviving family members filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Mother dies on the day before her 27th birthday

The 26-year-old nurse came across a crash scene involving a passenger car and a big rig only minutes after midnight. Law enforcement says she stopped next to the passenger car wreck on the center divider. She got out of her vehicle to assist the crash victims but lost her life in the process.

Driver raced away

According to the California Highway Patrol, a driver in an SUV drove into the space between the wreck and the nurse’s car. After the vehicle knocked her off her feet, the SUV driver apparently stopped and briefly stepped out of the vehicle before speeding away. The crash caused fatal injuries to the nurse. Officials of CHP are now seeking the SUV driver after a witness described the vehicle and the damage to its hood area and the left front fender.

Wrongful death

Although no amount of money could replace the three young children’s mother, damage recovery could ease the financial burden. If the surviving family can prove that the SUV driver’s negligence caused the nurse’s death, they will have every right to pursue a wrongful death claim to file in a California civil court. Documented claims for damages would typically include out-of-pocket losses as well as noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering.