Most car accidents result from driver errors

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver errors pose the most significant risks on the roadways. Worldwide, over a million lives are lost in car accidents each year. Despite advanced technology to make cars safer, more and more lives are lost in car accidents nationwide, including in and around Long Beach, California.

According to the American Automobile Association, the most significant cause of crashes is distracted driving. Although mobile phones are mostly to blame, rubbernecking, self-grooming and eating distract many drivers. Driver fatigue has become a part of most people’s rushed lives because there is always one more task to complete before there is time to rest. Drunk driving and speeding are two more causes for accidents caused by negligent drivers.

Drivers who operate their vehicles without regard to the safety and rights of others are labeled as aggressive drivers because of their typical bold, pushy and selfish manner of driving. The only thing other drivers can do to avoid crossing the paths of aggressive drivers is to learn how to recognize them and attempt to steer clear of any road rage incidents. Then there is the weather, and although drivers may say they cannot control it, they can control how they operate their vehicles. It is crucial to adjust driving to the prevailing weather conditions.

These are but some of the most frequent causes of car accidents, and Long Beach drivers who fall victim to negligent drivers may be facing unanticipated financial hardship. A consultation with an experienced California personal injury attorney can be helpful. Legal counsel can explain the available options for recovering damages. With the support and guidance of an attorney, the court might award monetary judgment to cover documented losses. Along with medical expenses, lost income and other financial losses, documented emotional damage for pain and suffering is also recoverable.