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About Dog Attacks

Every year millions of adults and children are injured by dog bites. It is far more likely that a child will be the victim of a dog bite than it is for an adult. If you or your child has been the victim of a dog attack, you should speak with a personal injury attorney immediately. The injuries in these cases can be very serious including severe head, scalp, neck and facial wounds that can result in permanent disfigurement and are prone to serious infection.

Unfortunately, due to children’s inquisitive nature, they are inflicted with more dog attacks per year than adults. It is important that parents keep a watchful eye on their children’s activities, especially if their neighbors own dogs. Children are often emotionally injured by dog attacks and as a result they are now fearful of dogs or the outdoors. In order to ensure your child receives the care he or she is due, it is important to pursue compensation for his or her injuries by hiring a skilled attorney.

Dog Bite Lawyer

In a case involving dog attacks, sometimes the victim does not file a claim early enough to have correctly documented the case, resulting in a lower settlement or none at all. Nguyen Lawyers has built a reputation for extremely experienced and skilled representation in personal injury cases. No matter how serious the injuries sustained by the vicious animal, there is always a way for clients to obtain compensation if it is warranted. In most cases the dog owner has insurance which will cover the compensation for the injuries, and it is an urgent matter that justice is served and such animals are not left to injure other children or adults who may be attacked through no fault of their own.

Prior Case Results

Seidman v. Ace of Hearts, Inc. – Settlement $850,000

Jane Doe v. Ace of Hearts, Inc. – Settlement $750,000

McGough v. Cullen – Settlement Confidential

Contact an attorney at our law firm to learn how we can help you recover the compensation you are due for your dog bite injuries. There is no cost for the initial consultation. If your case is accepted for representation, then you do not pay any costs or fees until there is a recovery. If there is no recovery, then there are no costs or fees.