Catastrophic Injury

Representation Of Californians Affected By Catastrophic Injury

Nguyen Lawyers, located in Long Beach, is a boutique, civil litigation firm specializing in catastrophic personal injury cases. The firm’s lawyers handle primarily serious and catastrophic personal injury cases that run the gamut of auto collisions, premise liability, dangerous conditions of public property, automotive products liability, consumer products liability, pharmaceutical products liability, professional liability, construction site accidents, dog bites and vaccines. They are recognized by their colleagues and judges as top-tier lawyers who have the experience, resources and skills to handle complex and difficult cases. The firm has built a reputation for obtaining successful results in challenging cases — often cases turned down by other lawyers — by being detailed, experienced, meticulous and thorough in the case workup.

If you or a loved one is seriously or catastrophically injured, it is critical that you have strong legal representation to assist in the process of filing a lawsuit to demand fair and just compensation.

The lawyers at the firm are frequently consulted by other attorneys to handle their cases. Even opposing counsel — after having litigated a case against one of the firm’s lawyers — have referred their own family and friends to the firm. This is a testament to the dedication, excellence, professionalism and thoroughness of the firm’s lawyers in honoring the client’s confidence and trust.

This firm and its members are committed to the pursuit of justice. Only meritorious cases will be considered.

Compensation In Personal Injury Cases

Injured victims are entitled to fair and just compensation for past medical bills, future medical bills, past lost wages, future lost wages, custodial expenses, hospital expenses, rehabilitation costs, vocational training, pain and suffering, and in the case of wrongful death, for the loss of the love and companionship of their loved one. However, not all lawyers understand or know how to properly document these losses and to provide proof of these losses. Our firm’s lawyers are compassionate and diligent in documenting your losses so that a jury may understand and appreciate them and render a fair verdict.

The firm’s lawyers take on representation with a commitment to the client and their future health and welfare. Each case is fully analyzed to determine the types of damages that should be included and other aspects of the case. Some personal injury cases are extremely complex, involving catastrophic injuries as well as multiple liable parties. No matter how complex the case, the legal team at Nguyen Lawyers is extremely professional and has a long proven record. It is critical that you contact an attorney from the firm as soon as possible after the injury occurs so that all evidence can be preserved, as well as witness statements and other necessary documentation gathered while still available.

Contact an attorney handling personal injury claims. Request a free consultation from a lawyer at the firm to discuss the case and determine the best course of action.