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Regarding Brain Injury Accidents

Annually, approximately 70,000 people experience permanent damage from brain injuries in the United States. Many of these injuries occur through carelessness or negligence on the part of another, including the failure of a product or vehicle. If you or someone you are close to have experienced a brain injury, take care to get the help of a qualified personal injury attorney. Brain injury or traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases are generally very complex in nature. Typically, the brain-injured client will need experts in the field of neurology, neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry, life-care planning and economy. The legal team at the firm has the decades of experience and understanding required to competently represent a client whose life has changed due to this type of injury.

Brain Injury Lawyer

Roughly 5.3 million individuals are currently living with traumatic brain injury in the United States. Approximately 75 percent of brain injuries seen in emergency departments are mild cases. Young people 15 to 19 years old are at the highest risk for TBIs, while adults over 75 years are at the highest risk for hospitalization and death due to TBIs. An experienced brain injury lawyer has represented clients who have suffered brain injuries in a variety of accidents and is prepared to represent clients in a number of states, as well as throughout Los Angeles and California. These injuries occur in numerous ways and according to statistics:

  • 28 percent occur from falls
  • 20 percent occur from motor vehicle accidents
  • 19 percent are struck by objects or against objects
  • 11 percent are from violence
  • 22 percent are from other events

An individual with a brain injury may suffer physical disability such as lack of coordination, lack of motor control, loss of cognitive ability, inability to communicate (locked-in syndrome), behavioral changes, personality changes and more. The legal team’s highest priority is ensuring that the injured person’s quality of life is protected and relies on thorough investigation, documentation, expert witness testimony and more in prosecuting a claim on behalf of a client. Contact the firm to be represented by a caring and responsive personal injury lawyer.

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