Steam Showers And Steam Boiler Accidents

Have You Been Burned By A Steam Shower Or Boiler?

Steam showers and steam boilers may cause catastrophic injuries if not properly designed and/or installed. A steam shower with a defective outlet can cause terrible burns. A malfunctioning steam boiler can explode scalding everyone in the vicinity. Legal claims for injuries may be based on faulty product design, negligent construction or failure to warn that leads to the accident. If you have suffered from this kind of accident, it is urged that you contact a personal injury attorney experienced in handling steam shower and steam boiler accidents.

Compensation Available

Damage claims for careless construction, careless installation or defective equipment may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Hospital and medical bills
  • Ambulance bills
  • Nursing bills
  • Financial losses both present and future
  • Rehabilitation costs

Experienced Steam Showers And Steam Boilers Accident Attorney To Assist You

Nguyen Lawyers is a seasoned injury accident law firm located in Long Beach that represents victims of these accidents across the United States. The firm has handled hundreds of cases with substantial monetary awards, many over $1 million. The firm has a reputation for winning difficult cases – some that other attorneys have rejected. This is due the firm’s strength and versatility gained from many years of experience.

Factors in the firm’s success are the resources it devotes to preparation for trial. The firm prides itself on superior investigation, case work-up, discovery, expert witness procurement and trial preparation. The firm has its own trial equipment for state-of-the-art courtroom presentation.

If you were burned in an accident, and especially if you have suffered disfigurement, you are urged to communicate with the firm. It does not matter where in California or across the United States you live. It does not matter if another attorney has told you that you do not have a case. An experienced attorney from our firm will consult with you, evaluate your case and provide you advice on the merits of your claim.

Contact a steam shower and steam boiler accidents lawyer for knowledgeable representation of your case.