Chair, Stool And Baby Seat/Swing Accidents

Injured From Falling Off A Chair Or Stool?

Chairs and stools can be treacherous due to bad design or poor maintenance, causing them to collapse or break apart. Severe injuries can be the result. These accidents are more common than one might think, as illustrated by the fact that every year 7,000 school children are admitted to the hospital because of chair accidents. There can be injuries to the head, spine or other parts of the body. A resourceful and experienced attorney is needed to establish the liability of the premises owner or manufacturer. If you or a family member has been injured in a chair accident or stool accident, you are urged to contact a personal injury attorney knowledgeable in this area of law.

Compensation For Chair Or Stool Accidents

Recompense for injuries is based on the proof of liability and the extent of damages. Depending on the case, compensation may be available for nursing services, hospital bills, medical bills, ambulance bills, financial loss both present and future, rehabilitation expenses and pain and suffering.

Seasoned Chair And Stool Accident Lawyer

Nguyen Lawyers is a chair and stool accident firm with many years of experience. The firm has a reputation for earning big verdicts and settlements in personal injury actions, most for over $1 million. The firm is noted for its ingenuity in achieving big verdicts for difficult cases. The firm uses up-to-date technology in trial preparation including projectors, trial computers, monitors and laptops. It is industrious in locating witnesses, case work-up, discovery and arranging for the testimony of experts.

Though based in Long Beach, California, the firm serves clients throughout California and other areas in the country. You are encouraged to speak with an experienced chair and stool accident lawyer at the firm about your injuries. Our lawyer will evaluate your case and advise you of how the firm can help you. The firm’s commitment to you is to work hard, keep you informed and provide top advocacy of your claim or lawsuit.

Contact the chair, stool, and baby seat/swing injury accident attorney at the firm for diligent service of your claim for injuries.