When Auto Safety Features Fail To Protect Us

We rely upon seat belts and air bags to keep us safe in the event of a motor vehicle collision, but all too often these safety features fail to properly employ. Malfunctioning seat belts and air bags not only fail to prevent injuries but can also cause additional injuries, leaving drivers and passengers with severe and life-altering injuries.

If you or someone close to you has been injured due to a defective seat belt, a defective air bag or another defective auto component, the legal team at Nguyen Lawyers, ALC, is here to stand up for your rights. We are trusted advocates for injury victims in Long Beach and throughout California.

The Dangers Of Faulty Seat Belts And Air Bags

There are many ways in which a faulty seat belt or air bag can cause serious and even fatal injuries. An air bag can deploy unexpectedly even when there is no collision, causing facial fractures, broken wrists and other serious injuries. Improperly calibrated seat belts can crush the ribs and internal organs.

When seat belts and air bags fail to deploy, the driver or passenger is left to endure the full impact of the crash. Serious injuries to the head and spinal cord are often the result.

As experienced personal injury lawyers, we know how to uncover the facts in auto accident cases. We have access to elite experts in auto design, accident reconstruction and other fields who help us build strong cases on behalf of our client.

We Are Here To Help You And All California Drivers

By pursuing a legal claim over a faulty safety feature, you are not only protecting your own rights but also holding negligent auto manufacturers accountable for their actions, thus helping to make roads safer for everyone. To learn how we can help you pursue justice and compensation for your injuries, contact our Long Beach law offices online or by telephone at 562-283-5415 or toll-free at 855NGUYENL.